Our Ingredients

10354949_522322894561417_6087355326258889617_nThe Pasta Company’s pasta and sauces are as close to homemade as a commercial product can be!

We make our products fresh daily in small batches using only the finest ingredients – 100% durum wheat flour, free range and cage free eggs, continental cheeses, market fresh tomatoes, and locally sourced fresh seafood and meats – so no-one will ever suspect your pasta wasn’t made minutes ago, in your own kitchen.

In fact, it’s not so much what we put in that makes our products so authentic, it’s what we leave out that counts. Our products contain NO preservatives, artificial colourings, flavourings, thickeners or MSG in any of our products – something which really sets us apart from the rest!

The freshness of our products is never a compromise. Once we finish simmering our sauces and filling our delicate pasta with the finest ingredients, we freeze them instantly to seal in the freshness.

The Pasta Company has an appointed QA officer dedicated to health and safety and is certified and meets the requirements of HACCP.

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